In the world of managed services, solutions are offered in Small, Medium, Large, and Custom. And yet, of all those options, everyone tends to pick Custom. Why? Because choosing a fixed option can create complexity and uncertainty. 

Consumption-based models and subscriptions have faced some of the same challenges. “On premises or cloud” has given way to hybrid operational and purchasing models, even for portions of the same applications or application stack. With every technical decision, customers face questions such as:

  • Should I own or consume as a service?
  • Should I manage my own SLAs or use a provider?
  • Should I budget for years or months?
  • What does “protecting my investment” really look like?

When facing those questions, it became apparent that one size definitely does not fit all. We posed a question to our teams and engineers: How can we uncomplicate storage—and storage purchasing—for customers who need fluidity and flexibility to meet current and future business needs?  

The answer: You build on Pure’s investment protection with enhanced options custom-fit to the needs of today’s customers.  

The Evolution of the Evergreen Promise

Over the years, Pure has offered some of the best investment protection in the business through our Evergreen technology. Evergreen provides non-disruptive upgrades and expansions so customers don’t have to worry about losing functionality over time or expensive data and hardware migrations. The availability of Evergreen subscriptions that include investment-protected upgrades is a big part of why 97% of the arrays we’ve deployed that are + 5 years old are still in service.

Pure1® provided the advanced artificial intelligence (AI) operations needed to get an elastic, cloud experience, even when deployed entirely on -premises. When Pure as-a-Service was introduced, it provided an additional choice. Customers could get the same benefits in a pay-as-you-go model, keeping assets off of their balance sheet and uncomplicating their operational models with SLAs. 

But operational models change over time. A customer might prefer ownership for full control of elements like security and consumption-based operations and payment terms. What do you do when you’re caught between two very attractive solutions to a single problem? 

Announcing the New Evergreen Portfolio

At Pure, we understand that customers are all on different paths and have different operational models and requirements. To that end, we’ve expanded our portfolio to provide more choices for subscriptions built on Evergreen architecture. We are also renaming a few subscriptions to better reflect how they leverage the Evergreen architecture:

  • Evergreen//Forever™ (formerly Evergreen Gold): Evergreen//Forever offers organizations traditional appliance ownership with a subscription to software, ever-modern hardware, and a world-class customer experience. Evergreen//Forever ensures organizations are benefiting from an always-modern infrastructure subscription to support a system that gets better over time.
  • Evergreen//Flex™: A new, fleet-level Evergreen architecture offers users an unprecedented way to run storage efficiently while saving power. This delivers the flexibility and adaptability to move performance and stranded capacity where data and applications need it most, with the security and control that comes from ownership. Evergreen//Flex also brings the modernization of Evergreen//Forever beyond the box, enabled by an asset utilization model, as well as consumption-based capacity pricing. 

Evergreen//Flex creates an operational middle ground, lowering initial costs by up to 70% while providing ownership and pay-as-you-go capacity usage. With fleet-level management, you can see your entire hardware and subscription footprint across your enterprise, and site-level subscriptions give you the flexibility to move capacity between arrays to better address your changing needs. 

  • Evergreen//One™ (formerly Pure as-a-Service): Evergreen//One offers organizations a true consumption-based service model for storage, delivering flexibility, transparency, and simplicity. Proactive monitoring and non-disruptive upgrades satisfy performance and usage SLAs. With Evergreen//One, Pure takes on the responsibility of delivering storage where it’s required, offering on-demand storage service with the flexibility of on-premises deployment.  

These Evergreen subscriptions offer customized solutions for your operational needs, blending:

  • Ownership
  • Sustainability
  • Flexible consumption
  • Capacity mobility
  • SLA management

One size doesn’t have to fit all, but finding the right fit or solution can be simple and intuitive, architected for innovators and today’s business needs. The expanded Evergreen portfolio is how Pure is working to uncomplicate your storage, forever. Contact us today to find a custom fit for your enterprise storage.