Pure Storage has been 100% partner focused since our first FlashArray™ sale in 2011. At that time, we had one product available, built with the intent of disrupting the legacy storage market. Our software-driven, all-flash stateless storage array laid the foundation on which we continue to deliver innovative products and solutions. It was a unique approach to legacy storage technology, and resellers around the world were intrigued. 

That was the beginning of what has become a broad and deep ecosystem of Resellers, Managed Service Providers, Global System Integrators, Distributors, and Technology Alliance partners. Pure would not be successful and continue to grow without our entire range of partners. They push us to do better, to think outside the storage box, and to imagine a world where storage as a service is the norm. The solution we deliver with Equinix Metal is a great example of how our partners are building out their offerings with Pure. This solution embeds the full portfolio of Pure products, including FlashArray, FlashBlade®, and Portworx®. Working with our partners is exciting and challenging every day. It also takes an innovative approach to embrace the partner model wholeheartedly to keep success going and growing.

I am honored to work with such a great partner sales team at Pure. It’s an added bonus that leaders at Pure have been recognized by CRN on their Channel Chiefs list for 2023. 

Americas Lead the Way

Since early 2022, California native Mike Marinchak has been at the helm of the Americas Partner Sales organization. He and his team work with organizations big and small, national and regional, to recruit, train, support, and reward partners who love Pure and how we help their customers have more sustainable and manageable data infrastructures. He has made a career in the channel by working with partners in multiple industries and on both sides of the table. He inspires his team to work hard, stay focused, and have fun while achieving quarterly and annual goals. He is most definitely an overachiever and has racked up sales that were double, or triple, quota.

Mike uses this spirit of competitiveness to encourage his team across the Americas to both outdo and support the wins and the achievements of our partners. This grit has helped Mike leave an indelible mark on Pure and the partners who are lucky enough to work with him each day. 

Humbled and Honored

My team at Pure thinks about partners every day, helping them find ways to engage effectively and win deals that are local, regional, or international. I’m honored to work with such determined and driven teammates who understand the importance of our 100% partner model. I’m humbled to be included on the CRN Channel Chiefs 2023 list as well, and credit my entire team for allowing me the honor and privilege of leading such an amazing and skilled sales organization. Congrats to Mike! I’m excited about the year ahead and all we will deliver to customers and partners around the world.